A Challenging Hunt Every Time

Thanks to Jim and his staff for the incredible hunt for giant whitetails. Although I’ve killed a couple pretty nice bucks in my day, this place is off the hook. The first morning we saw almost nothing from my stand which struck me as odd for such a renowned place for giant whitetails. They explained to me that these are not pen raised whitetails and most had been birthed in the woods inside the hunting preserve where people rarely go, and their stealth was unmatched in the wild because these deer are only exposed to humans 2 or 3 months per year and they are being pursued whenever they were exposed to people. The second morning we went to the same stand under my protest, and what a difference a day makes! I saw 2 deer that were easily over 200 inches and another 10 that were in at least the 180 class.  Most of these deer scented us long before I could raise my bow, but a gun might have been a different story. The lay of this land being thickets and hardwoods for the deer to slither through makes this a hunt of excitement and challenge. There were several opportunities to take the shot, but each one was difficult. On the third morning I insisted we go to the same spot even though it was my last day and the staff offered a guaranteed place near an open field with a rifle. I insisted we go to the same stand as before and wouldn’t you know it, I arrowed a 187 inch typical 12 point.  What a giant whitetail..

Thanks again guys. And I will go for this challenging hunt every time over the ones you offer for the easy kill.

John Stead


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