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Ohio’s Largest Whitetail Preserve!

Welcome to the largest whitetail preserve in Ohio with over 300 acres under fence in our whitetail preserve. This preserve has over 65% of the acreage in beautiful hardwoods and thickets. There is also about 80 acres of open fields and standing hayfields to hunt on.

This preserve also boasts some of Ohio’s best bass fishing in our 10 acre fully-stocked lake, which produced a 9-pound 4-ounce bass in 2011. This whitetail preserve is unlike most preserves in that it is a truly challenging hunt because these whitetail are naturally breeding in the hunting preserve, as well as a managed breeding program.

Open Fields, Challenging Hunts

The whitetail in the preserve are much like whitetail elsewhere in the wild because they are undisturbed by humans except during the hunting season, so these whitetail are very wild deer. Unlike other hunting preserves, our whitetail are very sensitive like wild deer in that they very much are in tune with scent, movement, and sounds.

Many whitetail preserves offer open fields, unchallenging terrain, and cover to hunt from, making their hunting more of a select-and-shoot style hunt. We pride ourselves in a challenging hunt that still produces the highest quality of whitetail found anywhere.

Rustic And Comfortable Lodging

Our lodge was completely remodeled in 2014, making your stay both rustic and comfortable in our 8,000 square foot paradise with pool table, 80-inch plasma TV, 5 fireplaces, and beautiful views.

Tired and hungry?

Relax by the fireplace while we serve you a steak from The Wade Cattle Company, which is owned and operated by us. We boast the best grain fed beef in Ohio!!!! Want some to take home? We also provide packaged beef raised on the property at competitive prices. We are convinced that once you taste our beef, you won’t “eat more chicken”.